1. First Collection, processing and use of personal data

Personal data is information about a person's identity, such as name, address, birth date or e-mail address.

1.1. General use of our online service

Through the basic use of our online service no personal information is collected from you, processed and / or used.

1.2 With the use of services

Personal data will be collected if you provide it voluntarily. We will process and use this data as necessary to deliver the service. Here are some examples where we collect personal data, process it and use it:


If you decide to participate in organised sweepstakes, we will ask you to provide your name, date of birth, e-mail address, your telephone number and /or your postal address, especially in the event you win. It will also enable us to ensure that each participant only enter once.

Appointment of supply / information (e.g. for email newsletters)

As part of our online service we offer at various locations the opportunity to be informed of interesting offers and news in a variety of ways (e.g. email, telephone) from us. If you have registered, for example, for one of our newsletters, you will receive regular updates to your email address. If necessary, as part of registering for a newsletter, we may request further detailed information about you, for example we may ask for your birth date in order for you to receive a birthday surprise. We will process the data provided by you and use it for these specific purposes. Please note should you no longer be interested in or no longer wish to receive information / offers from us, please let us know by sending an email to We will then withdraw your consent to the collection processing and the use of your data for anything in the future. We will delete all stored data from you immediately. Please note that it can come from technical or organizational reasons an overlap between your revocation and the use of your data as part of an ongoing campaign.

Personalised Services

Should you take advantage of services that require registration, we will collect the necessary information from you for those services in particular only.

2. Second Collection, processing and use of data obtained

Usage data is data that you do not actively provide, but which can be passively collected while you are on a website.

When you visit our online service, we save for a period of four (4) working days the domain name or IP address of the computer, the client file request (file name and URL), the HTTP response code, the Internet from which you are visiting us, and the date and time of your visit. Storage is to detect malfunctions or misuse of our online service and our telecommunications services / equipment, or to establish additional links and / or necessary for billing purposes. An analysis of your usage data to create personal user profiles will not take place unless you have expressly consented to such use. In the event of malfunctions or misuse, we reserve the right to report to law enforcement authorities.

3. Third Party Use of Cookies

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that is sent from the respective servers when you visit a website and stored on the hard drive of the user. If the server is called again, the user's browser sends the cookie previously received back to the server. The server can then evaluate the results obtained by this procedure in different ways.

How do we use cookies?

When you visit a Web page of our Website cookies are sent to the user's browser and stored on the user's hard drive. These cookies are used to make our online presence more user friendly, effective and secure. The cookies do not contain any personal information about you, so your identification remains private - it’s not possible to gain this information from cookies. The information gathered is for the sole purpose of creating statistics on the use of our online service. This enables us the possibility to customise our online services to your wishes and will make surfing on our site as comfortable as possible.

Cookies are also used for example, when pages display the contents of your shopping cart or to control the delivery of advertisements (please refer to the section "4 Usage-based online advertising").

If you enable the auto login, you would also automatically set a cookie in which your registration data is stored in order to recognise you on subsequent visits, so you need not log on. You can activate the auto login any time once you’ve turned it on.

Third party use of online cookies "Web beacons"?

As part of this online service we use Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc., USA ("Google"). Google Analytics uses cookies, to help analyse the use of our online service by you. The information generated by the cookie about your use of our Web site (including your IP address) is sent to a Google server in Europe or in a Member State of the Agreement of the European Economic Area to anonymize the IP address, so that a personal reference is excluded. Only after the anonymization of the IP address this truncated IP address is sent to a server in the United States. Only in exceptional cases, the full IP address is sent to and shortened by a Google server in the USA. On our behalf, Google will use the cookie information generated by you to evaluate your use of the online service, compiling reports on the use of the online service, delivering more with the use of the online service and the general internet usage. The (shortened) IP address will not be merged with other data from Google.

How cookies can be removed?

If you do not want to take advantage of our cookies, third-party or our online offer of course it can be used without cookies. Any browser can be set so that cookies are generally rejected. You can even delete cookies at any time. If you do not accept cookies, this may in individual cases restrict the functionality of the website. Please note that when a deletion of cookies occurs in your browser as well as the attitudes related to the use of your information by us or a Third party will be deleted. Unless you delete your cookies in your browser, you must return the desired settings for the processing of information by us or a Third party.

In addition you can prevent the processing of your data by Google by downloading the available at the following link and installing browser plugin: gaoptout? hl = en.

Our online service uses Google AdSense, a web service of Google, Inc. ("Google"), by the contextual advertisements ("Ads") Third party placed, based roughly on keywords in search engines, or keywords of the website content on our online offer. We therefore want to point out that Google place in the course of these ads and read cookies on your browser, and so-called "Web beacons" may be used (small invisible graphic files) to gather information. The information generated by the cookies and /or web beacons are transmitted to a Google server in the U.S., where it is processed.

The use of the so-called DoubleClick DART cookie allows Google to use information about your visits to our online service and other websites so that certain ads are controlled by so-called frequency capping. In this way the frequency of ads is ensured by standardised criteria. You can visit Google’s website “Privacy Centre” and under the heading “Advertising and Privacy” follow the instructions to disable the DoubleClick DART cookie.

In addition, third party cookies may be set, for example, to control the delivery of advertisements (Refer to section 4).

4. Usage-based online advertising

In this online offer for the determination of statistical parameters for the use of the online service, the "Scalable Central Measuring Method" (tractor) to the company Infoline ( used). Here anonymous readings are collected. The tractor-audience measurement used for identification of computer systems alternatively either a cookie with the ID "" or a signature that is automatically created from different transmitted information on your computer. IP addresses are in the process are not stored and processed in an anonymous form. The audience measurement has been developed under the respect of privacy. The aim of audience measurement is to determine the intensity of use and the number of users of a Web site. At no time individual users are identified. Your identity is always protected. You get on the system no advertising. For web deals, the member of the Association for Verification of the Circulation open PR (IVW - are) or e.V. in the study "internet facts" of the Association of Online Research (AGOF - participate, the monthly usage statistics are by AGOF and Arbeitsgemeinschaft Media-Analyse e.V. (, as well as the public and can IVW at , and be viewed at Besides the publication of data the IVW's SZM procedure is verified regularly with regard to regulation and privacy-compliant use. For more information on tractor process, visit the website of the Infoline Ltd. ( ), which operates the tractor method, the data protection website AGOF ( and the Data Protection website IVW ( You can opt out of the data processing tractor-measurement by clicking on the following link: .

5. Change your data

We try to store your personal information accurately. However, you can amend your data at any time (i.e. update, correct) in the profile area of ​​the respective service or delete it. To protect your privacy and security, we will verify your identity before you can perform these actions. Should you be unable to change the data in your profile area, or you do not exist, then you may contact us at the following email address:

6. Withdrawal option

If you are no longer interested in receiving information / offers from us, please let us know by sending an email to We will then action your request promptly. You can also contact us at the aforementioned email address if you wish to withdraw your consent to the collection, processing and use of your data for the future. In this case, we will delete all stored data from you immediately. Please note that it can come from technical or organisational reasons an overlap between your revocation and the use of your data as part of an ongoing campaign.

7. Information on the use of social plugins

7.1. Facebook

We use social plugins of the social network ("plugin"), which is operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA ("Facebook") operates.

The websites of our online service included a plugin with a clearly visible logo Facebook (white "f" on blue background or a "thumbs up" - characters) or the addition "Facebook Social Plugin".

When you call a corresponding Web page that contains a social plugin, your browser establishes a direct connection to the servers of Facebook and Facebook send the contents of the plugin directly to your browser.

If you have registered on Facebook and logged into your Facebook user account, Facebook gains by integrating the plugin, information of the relevant website that you called. If you use the plugin active by clicking the "Like" button or the "Share" button or leave a comment on the appropriate website, the relevant information from the browser is directly transmitted to Facebook and used.

To avoid the above mentioned Facebook Information gathered at the call of a relevant website about you, you can visit the Facebook page and /or log out before you visit the appropriate web page on Facebook. In addition, you may want to delete existing cookies from your Facebook browser. For the purpose and scope of data collection and the further utilisation of the data by Facebook, and your rights and ways to protect your privacy, please see the privacy notices of Facebook.

Please note that Facebook's social network is constantly evolving and being informed about the associated data usage. To learn about the opportunities that Facebook offers to protect your privacy, you can, for example go to the following web pages: For the content of websites and the privacy policy of Facebook, we assume no responsibility.

7.2. Twitter

Twitter functions / services are included on our site. These functions are offered by Twitter Inc., 795 Folsom St., Suite 600, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA. Through the use of Twitter and "Re-tweet", the web pages you visit will be linked to your Twitter account and others announced. Data will also be transferred to Twitter.

We point out, that we as a provider of Twitter have no knowledge of the contents of the transmitted data and we do not use them. For more information, please see the privacy policy of Twitter at .

You can change your privacy preferences at Twitter, under the account settings .

7.3 Google +1

Our website uses the "+1" button, for the social network Google Plus, which is operated by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, United States ("Google"). The button can be identified by the symbol "+1" on a white or coloured background. When you visit a page on our website, which contains such a button, your browser will connect you directly with Google's servers and in turn the content of the "+1" button from Google directly to your browser and from that incorporated into the website. We therefore have no effect on the amount of data collected, with the Google button. According to Google, without clicking on the button, no personal data is collected. Only members that have logged in will have such data, including the IP address, collected and processed.

For the purpose and scope of data collection and the further processing and use of data by Google as well as your rights and ways to protect your privacy, please visit Google's privacy notices to the "+1" button: / en / + / policy / +1 button.html and the FAQ.

If you are a Google Plus member and do not want Google to collect your information from our website, you need to log out before you visit our website on Google Plus.

8. No responsibility for the websites of Partners

On our pages, we refer to different Partners, in turn, providing Internet sites and services. These Partners usually have their own privacy statements. For those with no related statements, we assume no liability. We ask you to inform yourself regarding their respective privacy practices.

9. Data security

We value the security of your data. To prevent unauthorised access or unauthorised disclosure, to ensure the accuracy of data and its correct use of information, we have implemented appropriate technical and managerial procedures to safeguard and protect the information we ask for online. However, we cannot assume responsibility or liability for the disclosure of your information due to errors in data transmission and /or unauthorised access by third parties.

10. Information/suggestions

For information or concerns about privacy, please contact us at the e-mail address

11. Changes to the Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change the Terms of this Privacy Policy at any time in accordance with the applicable data protection legislation. The online version of the general privacy policy is always current for use at the time of your visit.


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