Reduce, reuse , recycle and minimise your ecological footprint today - it's easier than you think, and it extends way beyond our little blue can.


Avoid unnecessary packaging by reducing the amount you take home with your shopping, by reusing and recycling products where you can and by buying recyclable or recycled goods. Find out about how to dispose of harmful household products such as batteries and gas cylinders through chemical disposal providers and think about simple steps that reduce landfill, such as computer recycling.


Practical ways you can reduce, reuse, recycle include:



- Buy products with minimal packaging and recycle any packaging where possible.

- Bulk-buy products with a long shelf-life.

- Avoid individually wrapped items.

- Choose concentrated or a refillable form of products like juices and cleaning products.

- Use a basket, backpack, box or reusable shopping bag instead of plastic bags and even better, keep them handy.




- Reuse your plastic bags and look for products that can be reused many times.

- Choose durable and reusable items rather than disposable ones.

- Carry your own water bottle, or reuse water bottles.




- A good recycler both ensures they recycle goods and considers what they buy and whether the products have recycling capabilities.

- Buy products made from recycled materials or with recyclable or reusable packaging. 

- Avoid packaging made of more than one material that can't be separated or put in your recycling bin, e.g plastic laminate on paper. Simply by being conscious of your shopping habits and by trying to be the best recycler you can be, you can make a real difference to the environment and the future of your world. Begin today for a cleaner, healthier tomorrow.




- Discuss recycling with your family members or housemates to ensure everyone contributes.

- Separate composting matter from other rubbish - consider the benefits of a compost bin or worm farming.

- Recycle any packaging materials - separating packaging that can and cannot be recycled.

- Seek advice when discarding large household items (e.g use computer recycling facilities etc).