KILLERFISH HOT ENERGY is not a question of age, but a question of attitude.


Our consumers work hard and play hard. They take their profession very seriously, but like to have fun in their free time. From the university to the board room, our consumers are people who don't check out of life at 5pm.


They are brand conscious, tech savvy, have a high disposable income and have their finger on the pulse.


They know what they like, are opinion leaders, trendsetters and they ultimately define cool.


Our consumers are loyal. They buy KILLERFISH HOT ENERGY for its extra kick before a class, before a work out, before a sporting event, or anytime they need to get an extra boost to perform at the top level. They also buy KILLERFISH HOT ENERGY to drink recreationally at social functions, nightclubs and bars to create various "KILLER" cocktails.


KILLERFISH HOT ENERGY is not a traditional energy drink. It is a utility drink to be taken against mental or physical weariness or exhaustion, helping to increase endurance and heighten alertness.


Generally speaking the use of KILLERFISH HOT ENERGY helps to cope with the challenges of every day life, which includes work, leisure and sports. From this, three main stereotypes can be identified:

  • The athlete - usually a person who takes their sport very seriously and wants to get the most out of their body.
  • The worker - anyone who has to work hard and needs a lift but would rather have a refreshing energy drink than a coffee.
  • The clubber - anyone who wants to make the most of "their" time and have the energy to party the night away once the working day is done.


Which KILLERFISH HOT ENERGY consumer do you identify with?